eCommerce website redesign


As the Creative Director at Bucky, I designed a custom eCommerce site with a simple content management system. I worked closely with the development team and led the end-to-end project planning and execution of the website redesign. The goal of the design was to keep it simple and elegant and to convey a relaxed and calming user experience reflective of the products available on the website.

In one year, online sales increased over 400%,
traffic increased by over 470%, and new
wholesale accounts also grew by over 30%.


My Roles


Tools Used


XD Prototype

I worked with our Customer Service Manager and eCommerce Manager to identify pain points and areas of improvement based on customer feedback and observable user patterns.

To determine the optimal user experience for our website, I examined other ecommerce websites, and established best practices. From this study, I built a vision for the new site. I synthesized the internal and customer insights along with the benchmark study into strategic project goals.

From the strategic project goals, a site diagram was created. This new structure was flexible and scalable and addressed all of the pain points of our previous design.

I created a style guide and defined the visual design options for the new site that aligned with the strategic project goals.

Once the style guide and site map were established, I then created high fidelity wireframes in Photoshop. From this, the developer created a test site.

Once the framework was established, I created all the necessary assets. This included design templates, custom animations, and landing pages. I also styled, photographed and retouched all photography for the site.

I conducted an internal focus group with moderated usability testing. From our findings we fixed bugs and refined the user experience.

The new user interface was visually appealing, easy to use, felt trustworthy, and resolved all of our pain points. Our website sales went from less than 3% to over 15% of our yearly revenue, showing an increase of 400% in one year. The new wholesale website contributed to a 30% increase of new wholesale accounts.
Our SEO efforts increased our Alexa Rank* from about 2,000,000 to 350,000.

*Alexa is a global ranking system that utilizes web traffic data to compile a list of the most popular websites, the Alexa Rank. The lower your Alexa rank, the more popular (for example, a site with the rank of 1 has the most visitors on the internet).






With the framework and content established, our development partners created a working test site. Since my work is no longer live, I created an updated prototype in Adobe XD to demonstrate the site for my portfolio.



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