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This new front-end platform product at Expedia Group is still under wraps, so I can only share the abstract of my work.


Catherine is the rare Visual Sr. UX Designer who combines intellectual curiosity, amazing design chops, and a strong work ethic to make big hairy goals a reality. As the Product Lead for a high visibility new front-end platform product at Expedia Group (EG), I directly managed Catherine for several months. Catherine quickly ramped up in a new domain and navigated a complex matrix organization all while iterating on user personas, user workflows, storyboards, and clickable prototypes in an agile design sprint environment. Perhaps our most memorable accomplishment was unveiling a five minute video showcasing the conceptual design and value proposition for the new front-end product to EG Product and Technology leadership. To say they were "wowed" is an understatement and a true testament to Catherine's ability to to deliver a compelling video in a tight time frame.


Sneha Kumar, Sr. Product Manager


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