{ mCommerce app }

Style Board is a fun shopping and wardrobe tool that allows you to pair single items together in one single screen. You can coordinate looks and share them on social media or buy entire ensembles with one easy tap. The app stores your sizes and style preferences and curates your choices so unavailable and irrelevant items are not shown. Purchased items are stored in your personal Wardrobe and can be used to mix with other new looks in the future.



{ Web Site Redesign }

Lisa hired me to redesign the website for her award winning hair salon. It was important to showcase their creative hairstyles, fantastic client reviews, and to provide an easy way to book an appointment. The design solution reflects these needs in an intuitive and modern aesthetic.



{ Surface Design, Stationary & Art } is a design marketplace. They source creative content from a global community of independent artists, then sell the best content in the form of art, home décor, and stationery, directly to consumers. A selection of my winning surface designs and art are available to purchase through my personal online storefront.




{ Web Site Design }

I met Jayne in grad school in Austria in 2005. I created her first website back then using a program that no longer exists (GoLive). Over the years I've updated it in DreamWeaver and recently we revamped the entire site in Adobe Muse. It was important to her that the site showcase her work in a quite and reflective gallery-like space. With this esthetic in mind, I created a simple five page site.



{ Web Site Design}

Cornish College of the Arts hired me to create a new website for their inaugural festival, Seattle Jazz Experience. I created two versions of the website (one for desktop and one for mobile) using the photography and logo provided. The site features information about the festival, links to participate and purchase tickets and other helpful links to nearby hotels, restaurants and Jazz clubs.


{ Wine Label }

Dalbello Winery is a small and local vineyard with a select variety of wines. The client shared her three favorite labels from other vineyards as a guide for inspiration. Based on those labels, I created three unique options for the client and offered each of them in four different color ways. The image on the far right was their final choice.




{ iOS Products }

Hado Labs is an LLC that I formed with my partner Matt. Our goal was to make inspired and entertaining apps for the iPhone and iPad (iOS.) I created this website to showcase our two completed apps; Snowflakes and Hearts. It contains animated slide shows that highlight the apps features, along with a gallery, and links to the iTunes store.

This was a test project for a textile design position. I was given the art direction of four themes: Collage with Botanical Overtones; Folkloric & William Morris Inspired; Fragmented & Broken Geometric; and Floral & Animal Combination. I created 4 prints in each of the 4 categories (16 full repeats) and created each in 4 color ways along with Photoshop mock-ups. All was created from start to finish in just 2 weeks.


{ Textile Design }



{ Website & Retail Design }

Through Storefronts Seattle I was given 3,500 square feet of free retail space for 3 months. I created ShopSeattle as an experiment in community, and to serve as a hub for local designers to create, showcase, and sell their work. I designed the interior space on a limited budget, created custom laser-cut displays, managed artists and inventory, photographed products, and set-up an eCommerce site through



{ iOS App }

Snowflakes is the first app I created with my partner Matt. I came up with the concept and UX/UI Design along with all of the assets. The app is sort of like digital stamp art. It allows users to create art by tap, with custom background and color options. There are two modes; single which displays an isolated snowflake with over 9,000 shape combinations; and multi where you can layer different colored, and shaped snowflakes.



{ iOS App }

We created Hearts on the engine of our first app, Snowflakes. Along with a few tweaks, we were able to create a completely new app by changing out the artwork. Hearts features loving quotes in the shape of a heart, interchangeable boarders, custom colorization, and 3 different background options (images, colors, and your own photos) allowing users to create custom Valentines and heart-themed artwork.



{ Surface Design }

As a solo designer functioning as an entire creative department at Bucky, I wore many hats. One of my favorites was creating new prints. When I started, we had thousands of yards of unused fabric in the warehouse. Sleep masks are tiny, and our minimum order on fabric made over 100k masks. When it was time to create new designs, I came up with a solution to our excess fabric problem by gang printing five different print designs all on one roll of fabric. We offered it in 3 color ways, which created 15 prints instead of just 3 and resulted in over a ten-fold increase in sales of sleep masks (and no excess fabric).



{ Website Redesign}

With software engineering help from Highdive, I created a custom eCommerce site with a simple CMS. Each main page featured an animated flash intro highlighting the features of the products. We also had an alternative static page for users without flash installed. The goal of the design was to keep it as simple and elegant as possible and to convey a relaxed and calming user experience reflective of the product goals. I also worked on SEO and increased the Alexa ranking five fold.



{ iOS App / Web Site }

Annamika is a kaleidoscopic iPad app featuring my artwork and UI/UX design with software written by Scott Collard. You can also use your own photos. It received some great reviews in Gizmodo, CoolHunting, and PopSugar and made it into Apple's top 20 entertainment apps.



{ Product Design & Packaging }

I was tasked with the brand redesign for all packaging and the creation of new products. I created new boxes for the spa line, new tear-proof hang-wraps for the travel line, reusable canvas totes (and later boxes) for the sleep line, and a variety of coordinating items. In an effort to expand the current lines, I created kids products, travel slippers, travel bags (iPad cases and laptop bags) and did quite a bit of research on skincare involving buckwheat oil.


Seattle Jazz Experience Website Design

Shop Seattle Retail & Website Design

Sleep Masks Product & Surface Design

Snowflakes iOS App Design

StyleBoard App Product Design




Annamika iOS App Design

BCBG Textile Design

Bucky eCommerce Website Redesign

Bucky Packaging & Product Design

Crossroads Weddings Website Design

Dalbello Wine Label Interactive Design

Hado Labs iOS Product Design

Hearts iOS App Design

Jayne Holsinger Website Design

Lisa Power Salon Website Redesign Visual Design & Art


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