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Catherine Hubert

Social Media and eMail Marketing

{ Visual and Interactive Design }

This was a freelance project for the local beauty brand Butter LONDON. Following the art direction and brand guidelines I designed a marketing campaign with assets for: email, social media and their website.

Butter London

Textiles, Stationary, and Art

{ Surface and Visual Design} is a design marketplace. They source creative content from a global community of independent artists, then sell the best content in the form of art, home décor, and stationery, directly to consumers. I am always curious about startups and how they operate. As a test, I participated in three of their design competitions. A selection of my winning surface designs are available to purchase through my personal online storefront.


This was a test project for a Senior Textile Designer position. I was given
the art direction of four themes. I created four prints in each of the four categories (sixteen full repeats) and colored each print in four colorways along with photoshop model mock-ups for scale. Everything was created from start to finish in just two weeks.

Textile & Surface Design

{ Illustration and Visual Design }


Sleep Masks

{ Surface Design }

At Bucky, I wore many hats. One of my favorites was creating new prints. I observed a problem with the design process that created hundreds of yards of unused fabric. Sleep masks are tiny, and our minimum order on fabric made over 100k masks. After observing how the product was manufactured overseas, I came up with a solution to our excess fabric problem by gang printing five different print designs all on one roll of fabric. This resulted in new sales channels and a 1300% increase in sleep masks sales with increased margins.


Packaging & Products

{ Product Design & Print Design }

As the Creative Director at Bucky, I worked on the brand refresh for all packaging and the creation of new products. I created new boxes for the spa line, new tear-proof pillow wraps for the travel line, reusable canvas totes (and later boxes) for the sleep line, and a variety of coordinating items. In an effort to expand the current lines, I created kids products, and travel slippers. I researched travel bags (iPad cases and laptop bags) and skincare lines involving buckwheat oil.


Wine Label

{ Graphic Design }

Dalbello Winery is a small and local vineyard with a select variety of wines, and a very modest budget.

The client shared with me her three favorite elegantly-designed labels from long-established vineyards. Taking inspiration from those labels, and playing with the name and branding, I created three unique options and offered each of them in three different color ways. The entire project took me about 4 hours.


3D Renders & Models

{ Created in Blender & Rhino }

Over the years, I've dabbled in various 3D programs. This year, I've been expanding my skills in Blender, Rhino, and Unity. The idea of creating an entire virtual world is particularly appealing. It uses all of my skill sets from interior design, photography, lighting, illustration, surface design, animation, and modeling.

VR/AR Research